Down to the Final Load of Pumpkins

last load of pumpkins - 1It’s hard to believe the last load of pumpkins arrived Saturday evening. We’ve hauled in nearly 400,000 pounds (!) of fall produce this season, and the final 16 bins of large orange Howden pumpkins will be placed in the yards today.

Papa’s Pumpkin Patch plans to be open through Saturday, Oct. 24 from 12-7 pm daily.

As a quick update: we still have several varieties of small and large pumpkins and squash, including Howden, Sugar, Cinderella and Neon pumpkins. Our remaining squash varieties include buttercup, butternut, acorn, carnival and hubbard. We’ve sold out of spaghetti and turbin squash, new moon (large white) pumpkins, and, fingers crossed, we hope to get a few more snowball (small white) pumpkins this week.

Last year on this date, we were completely sold out of pumpkins. Papa’s hopeful we will have pumpkins for our guests through closing day next Saturday, Oct. 24. But he needs to acknowledge we may sell out earlier this week.

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather. We hope to see you soon,


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