Papa Welcomes Husky To The Family

HuskyFolks who know Papa well know that he gives most everyone and everything a nickname. Take lawn mowers for example. We didn’t have the newest lawn mower for a day and Papa already was introducing him as “Husky.”

Husky joins Marlys and Dixie as the primary caretakers of the yards around Papa’s Pumpkin Patch. We’ve had the perfect combination of rain and sunshine this spring and early summer, so every where you look you can practically watch the grass grow right before your eyes!

It was usually about the middle of June when Mrs. P, our master gardener for many years, would start to say things like, “You stay away with that fertilizer or I’ll raise your lawn mowing fees!” Or, “It’s so thick out there, I need a baler hooked up behind Dixie!”

mrs. p mowing 0612

In honesty, it’s been a bit of a challenge for the family this spring when it comes to lawn mowing. Mrs. P was called last fall to “greener pastures” or “better lawns” as the case may be. In her absence, it’s like Papa’s family has had to re-learn how to care for the acres of lawn that create the backdrop for Papa’s Pumpkin Patch. While it’s a bit melancholy, we’ve had great fun reminding one another of Mrs. P’s favorite sayings when she was mowing, or teasing one another if the mowing job isn’t up to her standards.

Papa added Husky because he was concerned that Dixie and Marlys might need a break once in awhile. And, as you would expect by his nickname, Husky should be able to handle the larger, more open areas with a bit more efficiency than the smaller mowers. Fingers crossed, Mrs. P will approve!

Take good care and happy mowing!



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