Papa’s Pumpkin Patch Is Sold Out of Pumpkins

empty back yardIt’s the goal of every pumpkin patch, and it’s also bittersweet. Papa’s pumpkin yard is empty; the pumpkins are gone. You are welcome to visit and play, take family photos or enjoy a slice of pumpkin pie and a cup of apple cider. We don’t have any more pumpkins to sell. Papa has looked in three states and there are no more pumpkins to bring to his patch.

At this point, we plan to keep Papa’s Pumpkin Patch open for play through Saturday, Oct. 25. Papa’s will be open from 12-7 pm daily. On Sunday, Oct. 19, we will have all of our free activities and the weekend extras: zip lines, train rides, concessions, pedal carts, hay rides, sling shots, pony rides, the pumpkin cannon and pumpkin trebuchet. These are all available from 12-5 pm and have a small fee. Admissions is $4/person. Infants and toddlers two years and under are free.

Monday through Friday, Oct. 20-24, Papa’s will be open 12-7 pm daily. All of the free activities will be available during these hours. Papa also plans to stay open through next Saturday, Oct. 25. Our volunteers and extra activities will be here to provide you with a fun outdoor play place.

Truly it is bittersweet. We would love to have pumpkins through our final day, but this year we don’t. Thank you for making 2014 an amazing season!

Papa and the family


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  1. Sarah, yes we sell out most years. Not usually this early but almost always by our last day. We hope you were able to come and enjoy Papa’s this season. Take good care.

  2. Sarah says:

    Has this happened before? Just curious….

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