A Gorgeous Weekend to See Some GIANT Pumpkins!

That's a hula hoop lying on one of the Giant pumpkins on display at Papa's!
That’s a hula hoop lying on one of the Giant pumpkins on display at Papa’s!

Hopefully it’s the start of beautiful fall weather in North Dakota. The forecast says low 70s or high 60s and sunshine for the next several days, and Papa is ready to enjoy it. Yesterday, he received two special loads of pumpkins he knows you are going to love.

The first truck arrived about 2:30 in the afternoon with only two pumpkins in it. And they filled the entire truck box! The giant pumpkins were grown south of Lincoln, ND. One weights 460 pounds and the other is 500 pounds of pumpkin! They are both on display at Papa’s through Saturday, Oct. 25. You can see a story about these two pumpkins on KXMB TV. 

guest and big pumpkinThe second delivery came all the way from Parshall, ND. We received two truck loads of pumpkins in a variety of sizes, and the Prizewinners will catch your eye first. There are only about 30 of this variety and most of them weigh from 50-80 pounds. Papa had to find a partner and use a sling to get them off of the trailer and into the yard. One guest had to take one of the big boys home with him last evening!

Papa’s Pumpkin Patch is open from 12-7 pm daily and we plan to be open through Saturday, Oct. 25. We’re excited about the weather forecast and hope we see you soon!

Take good care,


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