Go BIG or Go Home!

pile of BA tiresHave you heard the saying, “Go Big or Go Home?” Well, Papa’s going BIG this time with some help from our new-found friends at North American Coal’s Falkirk Mine. It took a semi to bring these babies back to Papa, but boy are they gonna to be some kind of fun!

It all started last Spring when some of the family were dreaming about new ideas for attractions at Papa’s. The question was asked, “Well, what have we got for resources that we can recycle?” If you’ve been to Papa’s, you know we re-use or recycle most everything…from straw bales to big ‘ole cottonwood logs.

As we got to thinking, someone offered the area power plants as an idea, and what about their old tires? One thing led to another, and today, Papa is the proud owner of 20 brand-new-to-us, bigger-than-you’d-ever-think tires. Seriously. They are substantial.

BA tireA new tire park to play in, on, around and through is just one of the cool additions we have planned for Papa’s Pumpkin Patch this fall. Papa says thanks to the guys at Falkirk Mine for making it possible.

We’ll preview some of our other exciting additions as we countdown to Papa’s opening on Sunday, Sept. 14.

Take good care,


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