New Children’s Book Features Papa’s Pumpkin Patch!

every pumpkin is perfect book coverIf this is what famous feels like, it’s pretty humbling. Our pumpkin patch friend Ann Krzmarzick has written a beautiful children’s book that captures the magic of her visit to Papa’s Pumpkin Patch nearly 10 years ago.

Every Pumpkin Is Perfect is being printed as I write this note, and Ann will bring 500 copies of the book to Papa’s Pumpkin Patch for book signings this weekend! (The family says I have to stop my feet long enough to join Ann so Papa can also sign some books. Me? Signing books? Oh my!)

Can you imagine reading a children’s book that is captured in brilliant watercolors and you will recognize scenes on every page? Billy Bob the Cornstalk Horse, the Infamous Bale Mazes, my little orange tractor, even the zip lines come to life on the pages of Every Pumpkin Is Perfect.

annMost importantly, Ann’s gift as a writer makes it’s debut in a touching way that matters to all of us — especially parents. She tells the story of the uniqueness and specialness of each child through the picking of the perfect pumpkin by one little girl on her class field trip to Papa’s.

We are truly blessed to have so many talented friends and family that share their gifts with us. Every Pumpkin Is Perfect is yet another example of these gifts, and we are pleased Ann will join us this weekend, Sept. 14-15, to read her story to you.

I hope you will join us and meet Ann. She plans to leave books with us that we can sell during the season. You can also learn more about Every Pumpkin Is Perfect on her website at or on her Facebook page with the same name. Her book is listed at $16.95 plus tax and shipping and handling. We will be selling Every Pumpkin Is Perfect for $20 at Papa’s. (She also has t-shirts, stickers and removable tattoos.)

Take good care,


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  1. April, all day Saturday and Sunday!

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