Papa’s Going Polar: Dec. 29-31

polar patch logo stackedYES! We’ve got a 10-day forecast and it sounds like it will be warm enough to be outdoors and cold enough to keep the snow on the ground. We will open Papa’s Polar Patch on Dec. 29, 30 and 31 from 12-5 pm each day. Keep an eye on Papa’s website and his Facebook fan page before you plan your visit — it’s North Dakota and the weather changes often! We will plan to be open so long as the temperatures and the wind chill are above zero.

The admission to Papa’s Polar Patch is $3/person; infants and toddlers 2 years old and younger are free. Papa hasfireplace turned the big red barn into a warming house where you’ll find hot chocolate, hot cider, warm chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin cookies (yes, we have to have them!) and a variety of cold beverages.

What will there be to do at Papa’s Polar Patch? Just like the pumpkin patch, there’s lots to keep you busy. Here’s the list of activities:

  • Infamous Bale Mazes: Papa’s bale mazes turn into snow caves during the polar patch and they’re still tons of fun to explore! (Free)
  • Zoomin’ Zip Lines: If you loved the two big zip lines during the pumpkin patch, you can come back for more during Papa’s Polar Patch. (Free!)
  • Log Jam: The logs are mostly snow covered but still available if you want to test your climbing and balancing skills. (Free)
  • Old-Fashioned Sled Rides: Everyone’s favorite, Papa has single sleds that can hold up to three people, and tfamily on sledhe triple sled (three sleds tied one behind the other) that can hold up to nine riders. The sleds are pulled by four wheelers and you choose your style: mild or WILD!! ($1/person)
  • Horse-drawn sleigh rides: The Dauenhauers return to Papa’s Polar Patch with their beautiful team of horses pulling you through the winter wonderland. ($2/person)
  • Outdoor Bonfire: It’s the perfect season to roast s’mores and warm your fingers and toes next to the fire. (Free; s’more packages are $1/each)

If you want to make some memories with the family during the holidays, Papa’s Polar Patch is a must. We’ll be open Saturday, Dec. 29, Sunday, Dec. 30 and Monday, Dec. 31 from 12-5 pm daily.

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