We Are Grateful for You!

Happy Thanksgiving! We are entering a season of gratitude, and today Papa is mindful of the hundreds (really, it’s over 500) volunteers who made this season’s pumpkin patch a reality. It’s hard to imagine and yet amazingly true. In 2012, we welcomed well over 50,000 guests, and our volunteers from every walk of life made your visit to Papa’s a memorable one.

Papa and the family extend a heartfelt thank you to the teachers, students, doctors, nurses, musicians, dancers, insurance agents, bankers, attorneys, financial advisors, pharmacists, accountants, business owners, firefighters, youth pastors, special olympians, retirees, programmers, mechanics, farmers, electrical linemen, administrative and HR professionals… The list is long and we are grateful for each of your contributions.

Many of these volunteers represent the 49 organizations who have or will soon receive support from Papa’s in 2012. Our goal was to contribute $30,000 this year, and with your help, we were able to far exceed that.

The ad you see here will be in the Sunday, Nov. 25 edition of the Bismarck Tribune. It lists the 49 groups Papa supports in 2012, features some children doing what they do best at Papa’s — remind us all how to enjoy life, and most importantly, says THANK YOU!

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