Sunday, Oct. 21: Papa’s Is Closed for the Season

It’s been a beautiful fall and an amazing season for Papa’s Pumpkin Patch! Michelle San Miguel from KFYR TV captured the joy and the gratitude of our final day — Saturday, Oct. 20 — in this report.

Amazing. There wasn’t a pumpkin to be found by 2 pm Saturday, and by the close of the day there were fewer than 100 squash remaining.

Amazing. Families from across the region stayed at Papa’s all afternoon and into the early evening hours to enjoy the wonderful fall day, spend time playing outdoors and celebrating the season.

Amazing! There’s no question the 30th year for Papa was a banner year. We look forward to the support we will be able to offer nearly 40 charities. THANK YOU for your support of Papa’s Pumpkin Patch!

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