A Blessing in Disguise

Dear Papa,
My husband, John, took our 3 sons to your Pumpkin Patch yesterday (Friday). Our boys LOVE the corn crib and could go every day just for that.

Our budget is very tight right now and him taking the kids yesterday was a stretch, but made lasting memories.

He inquired about the train rides and you (or whoever was driving the train) looked at our 5 yr. old, Elijah, who being born at only 1 lb. 5 oz. has Cerebral Palsy, and said, “There is something special about that boy.” And then told them to ride for free. And you told Elijah he had to toot the train whistle. Jeremiah, 3, also got a turn.

When John came hold and told me all of this, I became emotionally moved. What you don’t know is that there truly is something special about Elijah. He is the most loving, kind, and gentle child I have ever known. He attracts people and makes each one feel special. You also don’t know that Thomas the Train is his favorite right now and he loves to talk about, “pumping his pistons, tooting his whistle, and dashing down the track.” It made his day to not only ride the train but to get to “toot the whistle.”

Thank you, for blessing Elijah and our family yesterday. It probably seemed like nothing when you did it, but it was a huge deal and an amazing example of kindness and caring to our sons. God used you to make Elijah–and Jeremiah–feel special. They were already your biggest fans and we will be back soon! May God richly bless you and your family through this season where you are giving of yourselves to others and throughout the entire year.

In Christ,
Sarah Perdue

*Papa shares this story with Sarah’s permission. It touched our hearts and we wanted to share it with you.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Dakotapam says:

    I love this! I truly think that Papa’s Pumpkin Patch is a magical, special place. You cannot help but smile there!

  2. Nancy Factor says:

    This story absolutely warmed my heart…..I’m so glad your boys had an amazing time!!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story with all of us.

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