Under Cover Pumpkins Stay Warm

With the colder temps we’ve had this past week in North Dakota, Papa pulled out the blankets for his pumpkins. Seriously. One of the best ways we’ve found to protect the pumpkins, squash and gourds from frost is “tucking them in.”

There are a couple of varieties that manage colder weather quite well: howdens, sugars and new moons all have a thicker skin and can usually handle anything in the 20s. Below that, and we cover them all.

GOOD NEWS! Everything will be uncovered and back on display for guests today, Saturday, Oct. 6. And better than that: we’ll have at least two trailer loads of new pumpkins hauled into the yards by the time we open at 12 pm.

Papa’s is open 12-7 pm daily, and on weekends you have the bonus of special activities from 12-5 pm including the zip lines, sling shots, train rides, pony rides, hay rides, pumpkin trebuchet and pumpkin cannon. Concessions are available all day long on weekends. We look forward to seeing you at Papa’s!

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