An Amazing Weekend Ahead at Papa’s

The skies are blue and the winds are calm…it’s going to be an amazing weekend to be outside, and Papa would love to see you at the pumpkin patch!

By the end of Friday, we will have four more trailer loads of pumpkins in the yards, and one semi load of specialty varieties. We unloaded one pumpkin on Wednesday night that was so “substantial” it took a sumo wrestler stance to get him lifted out of the trailer! We’re sure you can find small ones and big ones; tall and short ones; white and orange and green and warty and pink and striped and in between ones.

Papa’s is open 12-7 pm daily. Over the weekend, concessions will be available 12-7 pm. In addition, the zip lines, hay rides, pony rides, train rides, pumpkin cannon, trebuchet and sling shots will all be open from 12-5 pm.

We look forward to seeing you at Papa’s!

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