She might look like a grandma but she’s way more!

Mrs. P, as we call her, might look like a grandma but she’s way more than that when it’s pumpkin patch time. She’s also the official scheduler for field trips and birthday parties to Papa’s Pumpkin Patch. By the end of the season, that will amount to nearly 5,500 day care and school children and close to 50 birthday parties.

Mrs. P is also the coordinator for volunteers on weekends. All those smiling faces that greet you in our admissions area and place the great pumpkin stamps on your hands? Uh huh. That’s Mrs. P’s diligent work to make sure we’ve got plenty of folks behind the scenes making your visit to Papa’s the best it can be!

If you’re interested in scheduling a week day field trip or a birthday party and Papa’s, shoot Mrs. P an email at . BTW: Her real name’s Suzie and that’s her best bud Sandy sitting with her.

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