Look! There’s Bambi in the Front Yard!

Papa used to think kids and puppies were the only ones who knew best what do with sprinklers on hot days. He learned differently this past Saturday when Bambi (or Bambi’s close relative) showed up and romped in the sprinkler and nibbled fresh grass for nearly two hours!

For the past few years, we’ve had a doe who stays pretty close to Papa’s Pumpkin Patch in the late spring and summer; we’ve always figured she had a fawn(s) close by. This year, we think while momma is off getting some much needed rest and nourishment, Bambi decided to do a little exploring.

It’s a good thing all of Papa’s puppies (three full-grown dogs) were inside where it is cool — they might have had other ideas besides playing in the sprinkler with Bambi!

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